Odas Y Cantos

This project, supported by Citizen Exchanges, United States Information Agency (now United States Department of State) in 1996 provided funding for Spanish-speaking artists to choose a work by Pablo Neruda and interpret it in lithography at Tamarind Institute. Artists included: Enrique Badaro Nadal (Uruguay), Freddy Blanco Chavez (Bolivia), Jose Fernandez Covich (Chile), Oscar Machado Cuevas (Venezuela), Luz Angela Lizarazo (Colombia), Jorge Pineda (Dominican Republic), Nelson Santos (Ecuador), Carlo Spatuzza Medina (Paraguay), and Daniel Zelaya (Argentina). Accompanying text in both Spanish and English by Pablo Neruda. Typography, letterpress printing, and portfolio box by Katherine Kuehn, Salient Seedling Press. 

Odas Y Cantos, $2000 in portfolio box. Individual prints available.