Reflexiones del Corazon

The portfolio Reflexiones del Corazon brings together the creative talents of three native New Mexican artists, each of whom uses a different medium to express aspects of the state's Hispanic culture. They bring different personal perspectives which reflect their own views of the land and people of New Mexico. Author Gabriel Melendez evokes images with words; photographer Miguel Gandert records his views through the camera's lens; and painter Maria Baca uses the lithographic crayon to render her impressions on the stone.

The project evolved as an interactive collaboration between the artists, the communities they visited, and Tamarind Institute. The three artists traveled together to Espanola, Mora, and the Barelas neighborhood of Albuquerque. The visits prompted dialogue among them, facilitated the exchange of ideas, and bound together memories, personal experiences, and anecdotes of each place and community. At Tamarind, Miguel Gandert and Maria Baca distilled their perceptions into visual images that produce encounters with the essence of each place. To complete this portfolio, Gabriel Melendez inscribed his reflections in accompanying poetry and prose.

This project was generously funded by the University of New Mexico's Center for Souwest Research.

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