Trickster Suite

Tamarind hosted a cultural exchange that brought together four San artists of the Naro language group from the Kalahari Desert in Africa and four artists from New Mexico pueblos to share stories and make prints about the popular folkloric figure of the trickster.

During the first three days of the two-week project, the participants travelled to northern New Mexico sites for public storytelling sessions, then spent the remaining ten days at Tamarind, each making two lithographs in collaboration with the institute's master printers.

The sixteen finished prints represent a colorful and varied interpretation of the idea of the roguish trickster. While not all of the images relate directly to a specific story, they do refer to a transformation process or the storytelling tradition and its directness of communication.

Each of the one-run, hand colored lithographs is printed on an 11 1/8" x 15" sheet of white Rives BFK paper in an edition of 50. The project was funded by New Mexico Arts, Tamarind, and the Kuru Development Trust.

Individual prints available. Please inquire about full suite availability.