Looking for a print in our inventory?

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Need an evaluation of a Tamarind lithograph?

Unfortunately, Tamarind is not able to provide appraisals of prints published by Tamarind for insurance or any other purpose. If we have the print in our inventory, you can find the current retail value by searching our available inventory. If you need appraisal, you should seek the advice of a professional; you can search the Internet for an art appraiser in your area, or ask a local gallery or museum to recommend one. 

How to determine if a lithograph was printed at Tamarind.

Every lithograph printed at Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Inc., in Los Angeles, or Tamarind Institute, in Albuquerque, carries the Tamarind symbol (see logo on top banner), as well as the unique symbol of the printer. These "chops" are usually embossed on the print, and visible from the front, although occasionally they are blind-stamped in ink on the back side of the paper. Above the Tamarind chop on the back, you will also find a four or five digit number, which is the reference to our documentation record. These numbers can be very helpful when searching for additional information, particularly if you don't know the artist's name and can't read the signature.

Need more information on a lithograph printed at Tamarind?

If the lithograph is currently in our inventory, you can find information under artists in the Gallery section of this website; if you need additional information, you can search the online catalogue raisonné, request a copy of the documentation record from Tamarind, or call the Gallery Director at 505 277 3901. New editions will be added to the catalogue raisonné on a regular basis.   

If you are looking for information on a Tamarind print that is no longer in our inventory, you can find details in our online catalogue raisonné, or you may request a copy of the documentation record. If you need multiple records, there may be a charge. 

The online catalogue includes pertinent information related to lithographs (monotypes are not included) made at Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Inc., 1960&ndash1970, and at Tamarind Institute since 1970.  It has been compiled from more detailed documentation records, signed by both the artist and the printer, that also include the project dates as well as specifics related to drawing methods and materials, printing processes and techniques, and existing proofs.

Thumbnail images are included when available. Many images from the 1970s and 80s must be re-photographed and will be added to this catalogue as time and resources allow. Larger, color images of all lithographs that we have in inventory can be found on this website.

The practice of recording all pertinent details of each edition was initiated by Clinton Adams when he was Associate Director of Tamarind Lithography Workshop in 1960, and has been adopted by many contemporary printmaking workshops. Tamarind normally does not print a cancellation proof, but our documentation record states that all matrices have been destroyed.

A softbound, catalogue raisonné of all TLW lithographs, with small black and white reproductions, was published by the University of New Mexico Art Museum and is available for purchase in our Gallery Store. A catalogue raisonné of prints made at Tamarind Institute 1970-1979 (no reproductions) is also available in our Gallery Store. 

Are you interested in exhibiting Tamarind lithographs?

Tamarind is occasionally able to make lithographs currently in our inventory available for exhibition. In this case, contact the Tamarind Director, Diana Gaston, directly. 

The University of New Mexico Art Museum holds the Tamarind Archive Collection, which includes impressions of nearly all of the lithographs made at TLW and TI. For inquiries regarding museum loans, or access to the Tamarind Archive Collection, please contact the collections manager at the University of New Mexico Art Musuem, Stephen Lockwood, at (505) 277-7313. 

Image requests 

Tamarind does not hold the copyright to images of prints made at Tamarind and may use them only for the purpose of promoting the Institute or sales. Artists must give permission for any other use of images of their Tamarind lithographs.