November 7, 2017

Nicola López returned to Tamarind for this collaboration in the spring of 2017, making this her fourth artist residency with the workshop. The layering and problem-solving inherent to printmaking are central to López’s method of working, and the scale and ambition of her printed works are in themselves a great tribute to the potential of the medium.

López grew up in New Mexico, attending art classes early on at Santa Fe Prep. She now lives in Brooklyn and is a Professor in the Visual Arts Program at Columbia College. This project with Tamarind marks a return to organic material for the artist, who has long worked with imagery that delves into the accelerated growth of industry, architecture, and technology. With her background in anthropology and her keen observation of urban systems and structures, even a pure landscape such as Spectre reflects on how the natural world is shaped by human interactions. This landscape seems a rare passage in her work, a timeless space outside of the constructed environment.

Spectre is a four-color, four run, hand-printed lithograph, printed by Tamarind Master Printer Valpuri Remling. The artist drew on stone for the black key image, using lithographic pencils and crayons, and abrading the stone with a blade. Three additional plates were made for the atmospheric sky and plant forms.

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