January 29, 2016

Performance artist and costume designer, Nick Cave, created his first prints at Tamarind Institute during a residency in early 2015. These lithographs, as well as lithographs by five dynamic returning artists, will be on view in the Tamarind Gallery January 29 through March 4, 2016. The public is invited to visit the gallery, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., or during special hours, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. on March 4.

When Tamarind Master Printer Bill Lagattuta announced he would retire in July 2015, the workshop schedule began to fill with artists anxious to return to print one last time with the master. Therefore, it is no surprise that Tamarind’s New Editions exhibition includes new lithographs by many returning artists: Daniel Brice, Jim Dine, Toyin Odutola, Linn Meyers, and David Schorr.

One of the most notable collaborations during 2015 was a project with Nick Cave, the Chicago-based artist known for his exuberant Soundsuits, works that merge elements of performance, costume, dance, and sculpture. Cave did a residency at Tamarind Institute in February of 2015, and transformed his inventive sculptural constructions, making them two-dimensional in his first original prints. Capturing the spirit of the work in digital composites, the figures that emerge on paper have a fantastic, luminous presence. At the conclusion of the project, Cave said that his experimental work at Tamarind had inspired new ideas that he hopes to develop three-dimensionally. 

Visitors to the gallery can also enjoy the limited edition artist book by Jim Dine and Diana Michener, Radiance. The 35-page lithographically printed book includes a hand-written poem by Jim Dine and photographs by Diana Michener. 

Also newly released is a single, new work by Enrique Martínez Celaya, titled The Welder. Celaya, born in 1964 in Havana, Cuba, did his residency at Tamarind in 2013. The Welder, which required hand coloring, was released in 2015. Many collectors in New Mexico learned of Celaya's powerful work through an exhibition in 2013 at SITE Santa Fe.  Celaya currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Linn Meyers did her first lithographs at Tamarind in 2006, and returned last year to continue her experimental work. Meyers enjoys using repetitive mark-making to show the ripple effect of even the slightest involuntary movement made while drawing. Meyers lives in Washington, D.C. and exhibits at Sandra Gering Inc, New York City.  

No stranger to Tamarind, Daniel Brice has done monotypes in Tamarind’s workshop on various occasions. In 2015 he created a series of monotypes using lithographic techniques and applied water color. New Editions 2015  includes a full wall of these beautiful, fluid prints. 

Also in the exhibition are lithographs by David Schorr and Toyin Odutola, as well as lithograph produced by five artists during a collaboration between Tamarind Institute and the North Fourth Art Center, a contemporary art center in Albuquerque, dedicated to providing arts education and exhibition opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

Tamarind Institute is an internationally recognized fine art lithography workshop affiliated with the College of Fine Arts of the University of New Mexico. Tamarind is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of lithography through education, research, exhibitions, and artist residencies, and is credited with expanding the accessibility to and popularity of printmaking among contemporary artists around the world. Tamarind frequently sponsors programs with diverse populations, locally and internationally, benefitting University, Albuquerque, and New Mexico constituencies. For more information, call 505-277-3901, or email 

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