July 1, 2015


 A Short Visual Tribute to Bill Lagatutta
Tamarind Master Pritner & Workshop Manager, 1987-2015

       From the day he bgan in the 1980s, 

Bill with Byron Buford, 1985
to one of his final collaborations in 2015,
Bill and Nick Cave, 2015.
Bill's attention to detail has never waned,
nor his willingness to do whatever it takes,
Bill with Bates in 1999
overseeing hundreds of collaborations,
         Bill watches over Apprentice Printer Kelly Hames with artist Matt Magee.
and creating an environment
comfortable for all artists.
       Bill with Kiki Smith, 2009.
He has enjoyed celebrity status,
Hung Liu taking a photo of Bill, 2013.
and at times kicked back with an artist.
Roy Deforest and Bill enjoy Roy's work.
Bill's career has touched so many of our lives. 
He's been an important part of Team Tamarind,
    Team Tamarind 2012
a diplomat at times,
Tamarind Master Printer, Bill Lagattuta, demonstrates printing techniques in St. Petersburg, Russia, 2006.
a mentor,
Bill with Apprentice Printer Asa Wentzel-Fisher and artist, Tony Delap, 2013.
but , most importantly, a friend to all of us.
Bill with Mark Licari and the new Tamarind Workshop Manager Valpuri Remling.
Bill with Rodney Hamon.
        Team Tamarind 2010
We will miss seeing him
in the workshop.
The Tamarind Staff

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